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A mobile app for people with dementia and their caregivers

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An app to help with dementia

Dementia affects approximately 1 in 3 seniors and their families.

Lew is an app designed to help alleviate some of the stress caregiving for people with dementia causes.

We are not a large corporation trying to make money. We are two women who have been directly affected by dementia. We have loved and lost people so dear to us.

Lew comes with several features that could help.

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Lew's Best Features


Lew comes with a fully customizable checklist for your loved one. The caregiver will set it up, and you can get a notification when each task is completed.


Put events in a calendar so your loved one knows what is coming up each day. The calendar comes with a count down counter so your loved one knows how much time is left until each event.


Lew has a feature to store pictures of familiar people and places. Each photo can be added and a description placed so your loved one can have some gentle help remembering.


Lew comes with a place to store medication lists for your loved ones. It is easy to send as a pdf to doctors or medical professionals.


There is a place for friends and family to send messages to your loved one inside the app. Your loved one can read these messages as many times as they want!


There are resources and a forum for caregivers. Caregiving for dementia is such a difficult task, we wanted to let you know you're not alone in this.

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Why we charge for Lew

  • We charge a monthly fee of $8.99 for Lew. Or a yearly fee of $89.99.

  • Each push notification and message cost money.

  • No ads!

  • Adding features and making adjustments

  • Marketing

A little

about Lew

Lew is named after my dad. Daddy had dementia for over seven years before he passed away. I also had a grandfather on one side, and a grandmother on the other side that suffered with dementia. It's been a prevalent part of my life since I was little. I took my experiences with each of my loved ones and combined them into something I hope can help caregivers and loved ones on their difficult journey through dementia.

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Read the reviews

Quotation Mark

My wife loves looking through the pictures of her loved ones on Lew. She can remember her granddaughters and nephews much easier!

Bill, Caregiver

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The resources have been life-changing for me!

Phyllis, Caregiver

Quotation Mark

It's been so nice having a checklist for my husband. Lew helps him remember his basic tasks for the day.

Carolyn, Caregiver

Thank you for trusting Lew.

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