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How to sign into Lew and get my loved one signed in

Thank you for downloading our app! We truly appreciate it.

Our app is still new, so please be patient while we work out kinks. Here’s how you sign in, and get your loved one signed up, as well.

Download the app in The App Store or Google Play Store.

Once do that, touch the app, and you’ll get this screen.

Add your phone number.

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You will be asked for a verification code.

That code will be texted to your phone.

Once you get the text, enter the code into the Lew app.

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Once you add the code, you will come to this screen.

Here, you will choose a username. You can upload a photo here, as well.

Once you upload a photo and choose a username, touch NEXT.

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The next screen you see will be this.


This will need to be done before you set up a loved one.

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You will get a notification about the monthly subscription of $1.99.

We didn’t want to charge, but we didn’t want any ads, and we needed the app to be able to pay for itself. You can also buy a year at $19.99. You have a one-month free trial.

Please give it a try – you can set a reminder to cancel your membership before you’re charged if you’d like.

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Next, you will see the home screen. It’s time to set up your loved one’s app.


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The next screen will be the screen to invite your loved one.

You can type your loved one’s number in, or just add it from a contact from your phone.

Once you do that, touch NEXT.

Lew will automatically register that number as a loved one.

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This screen will verify that your loved one’s number has been registered.

Now it’s time to download Lew onto your loved one’s phone.

Touch GO BACK HOME to go back to the home screen.

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You will go through the same steps as you did to sign up for Lew.

Your loved one, however, will not get a choice to be a caregiver or patient.

Lew will send your loved one immediately to the loved one’s home screen.

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That’s it! You’re all signed up!

Now you can load a checklist, put events in the calendar, add photos or videos of people and places, and much more.

Each thing you load will go to your loved one’s screen.

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Thank you so much for trusting Lew.

We hope this can help you on your journey with dementia.