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Lew was designed with features to help people with dementia and their caregivers.

We designed these features using our own experiences with loved ones that had dementia.

More features will be added in the future.

Scroll down to learn about each feature.

What is my loved one seeing?

This feature is designed to see exactly the screen your loved one is seeing. It is meant to just check and make sure everything is how you want it on your loved one’s screen.

If things aren’t they way you like them, come back to your home screen, make adjustments, and check again.


The calendar was designed to give your loved one an idea of what their day will look like. It also, potentially, alleviates the caregiver having to remind the loved one of what is coming, over and over.

You can create as many events as you’d like, set reminders, change or delete them.

It also gives your loved one a countdown so they know how much time before each event.

You have the option to give your loved one push notifications before each event.

If your loved one wants to know what is coming up for the day, they can touch the calendar and get an idea of what their day will look like.

If you have nothing planned for that day, we suggest putting that on the calendar for your loved one.

Setting up your Calendar (Video coming soon)


The checklist was also designed to keep the caregiver from frequently reminding the loved one of a task that needs to be completed throughout the day. Constant reminders can be taxing on the caregiver and the loved one.

The checklist is fully customizable and allows for push notifications.

The caregiver and loved one will get a notification when the task is supposed to happen. Once the loved one checks off the task, the caregiver will get a notification when it is completed.

Of course, a caregiver will have to rely on the loved one knowing to check off the task. As dementia progresses, this might be a feature you do not want to include on your loved one’s screen.

Here is a video to help guide you in setting up your checklist:

Here are written instructions on how to set up a Checklist.


We wanted our loved ones to stay inside the app as often as possible, so we made a messaging feature.

When a family is struggling with dementia, they can become withdrawn from the people they once associated with, close friends, or even family.

We wanted the loved one to be able to get messages from people who love them. It means so much to be remembered.

Right now, this feature is text only, but we are going to add audio and video messaging in the future.

Caregivers can approve who can message their loved ones. We want to help, but we also want to make sure that the loved one and caregiver stay safe with Lew.

The messages stay in Lew, so your loved one can read, listen to, or watch messages as many times as they want.

Setting up the Messaging Feature (Video coming soon)

Photo coming soon


Sometimes, it’s hard for loved ones to remember people’s names or even faces.

Lew has a feature that can help remind them of people they know.

You can upload and change pictures on Lew for your loved one to see.

You can add a picture or a video. Then you can add a description to help your loved one understand who this person is and their relation to them.

This is so useful for any type of relationship:





Grandkids/neices/nephews (whose appearance changes as they grow)

Your loved one can look at these photos and videos as often as they’d like.

Setting up People (Video Coming Soon)


Sometimes, it can be hard for our loved one to remember places. Even familiar places can become confusing and frightening for our loved ones.

Lew has a feature to upload places that are familiar for our loved one.

You can upload a photo or a video. Then you can add a description to go along with each photo.

You can even add photos or videos of trips you once took.

This can be very useful for places like:



Doctor’s offices

Family’s houses

Memories of trips

Your loved one can look at these photos and videos as often as they want.

It can be a great way to reorient your loved one to their surroundings.

Setting up Places (Video coming soon)


We hope these features can help your days as you navigate through dementia.

These features were designed with our own loved ones in mind.

As Lew grows, more features will be added.

Future updates:


Short articles/Pictures

Find my Loved One

Video/Audio Messaging

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